I want to go back
Into my dream,
Mysterious dream,
And never come back,

To get into a place
Where I can see your face
Remember your face
Remember my names

I’m seeing dreams
About life and death
And in my dreams
I see alternative Earth
I can’t believe my world
Is broken and twisted
I cry in dark for those
Who never existed.

I’m seeing dreams
About life and death
And through my tears
I see alternative Earth
I can’t believe my world
So broken and twisted
And in the dark I pray
I never existed.

Cold storming wind
Makes my mind refreshed
Today…I don’t talk to myself
So am a bit impressed

I never tried
To beat my final score
But what was it before?
And how many times
I died?


I need to come back
Into your world,
Your beautiful world,
And never look back.

I have to forget
Things that I’ve seen
They should be a dream
I shouldn’t be real.



The more knowledge being have, the more it acts like an idiot.
The paradox is, that at some point being will have enough knowledge, to understand previous sentence and to start trying to avoid of this phenomenon.
The awful and most common result, is when being is stuck in between having enough knowledge and having not enough of it, making the being react to everything around in a “cocky idiot” style and perform illogical operations all it’s life.

To Share Bread | Поділитися хлібом

I am always sharing my piece of bread with my friends and I will never understand those, who does hiding his dried old bread under the pillow and growling on everyone, who will come too close.
But also there’s a point in sharing with your bread – try to share bread with your friend and you will always have fresh bread on your table; do not share bread with anyone and most part of the time, dried old bread will lay on your table.

Я завжди ділився куском хліба з друзями і ніколи не зрозумію тих, хто ховає свій зачерствілий хліб під подушкою і гаркає на всіх, хто підходить занадто близько.
Тай і мораль тут є – попробуй ділитися хлібом з другом і в тебе завжди буде свіжий хліб на столі; не ділися хлібом ні з ким і більшу частину часу в тебе на столі лежатиме несвіжий хліб. Цей приклад можна показати на більшості важливих речей у житті.

people are like sky

people are like sky –
sometimes they shine
sometimes they cry

people are like sky
(except that sky always alive).

people are just like skies –
sometimes they grey
sometimes they blue

people are like skies –
you’ll never see
the hidden truth.

humanity is just like sky –
so cold, but can’t be blamed,
because you’ll never know
what is behind
that dark and cold curtain.

humanity is just like skies –
cloudy at days
and nude at nights.

humanity is just like sky
(except that sky will never die).

humanity is never changing
its stars shine always brightly
so many different faces,
but always the same light.

bypassed many ages
and now returned to the start.

by flipping their pages
i’ve made myself their little part.

people are like sky
and their matter always dark,
but look at skies –
you’ll see the stars
at deep dark nights,
you’ll see the sparks of light
in any dark

and when you make
your first contact
and when you looking at the skies,
always remember one great fact –
they’re not just skies.
they filled with stars,
they filled with lights.

вчерашний стих

уверенное пение
вчерашних птиц,
которых скушали бомжи
без спин и лиц,

побудило бабушку –
“А может?(!)
может, усмехнутся таки
мускулом под кожей!
Может, выпить спирта,
да спеть что-то тоже!
Дай и выйти в сад,
пляснуть бы………! Боже!!
..в церковку пойти..быть может..

А по дороге,
к Феде Дохтиру зайти –
пусть он с ногою мне че скажет –
там мазь какую, или че же,
и пусть еще посмотрит на тот прыщь,
ато негоже,
и ногу, будто, барин Сатана
за ногу тянет.


Надо бы побегать
завтра, с утречка,
может и зажарю
два окорочка
и с Васей Надьковым
осушим пузырь.
в задницу пошла она!
но сначала,
счас бы на базар,
куплю новые чулки..для Васи,

Хотя..может,,ну его туда!
Денежку надо копить – беда!

Ох.. а сегодня
посплю, может.
ну а завтра –
будет день,
да будет ночь,
да Бог (перекрестившись)
мне поможет.”

На следующий день
кто-то хоронил небоже.