God’s Plan? | No Destiny?

(notice for fanatics: I don’t know anything about truth. So as you).
You know, some people say, that G-d has a plan for us.
I have an argument, that clearly points on absence of logic in idea, that intelligence, who created life on Earth, has\have a plan for everyone on the planet.

You see, the adaptation process (also so called “micro-evolution” (still is not an evolution, it’s just an adaptation though)) is a funny thing, that gives us answers to a lot different religious questions.

Adaptation process includes expatation for example.
Exuse me please, I don’t like to build discussions about religions, or evolution, I know, that it all is a political stuff. All those disputes leads only to anger and disagree. So my argument has exclusively logical character and absolutely not relayed to any ambitions and emotions in any way. Please, if you feel emotionaly stressed about my theory, take a deep breath, drink a glass of clean water, stop reading things, making you feel stressed too much, but you still need to remember, that stress leads to forced thinking, creative thinking and lot more voluminous reality absorption.

I will be very short:
So, living systems, sub-systems, also known as Organisms, were pre-programmed, prepared to be able to survive in different types of environment. So, Adaptation is a process, that uses a script – DNA. So, DNA contains information, how should living system react on different changes in environment. For example, if human lives in some cold area of the Earth, you’ll notice very white skin this human have, but if this subject will change living place to some hot, dry area, this human’s skin will become darker and darker with time. Dark skin will help to protect human’s body from hot Sun, while white skin will help to capture more ultraviolet B rays, to produce such secosteroids, as ergocaliferol and cholecalciferol. All those processes were pre-programmed, as a part of DNA and prepared to be triggered in any moment.

So this fact leads us to a logical question: “If our creator(s) have a plan for every living form, in another words, IF WE HAVE A DESTINY, FATE, then why do we have all those kinds of pre-programmed scripts? If God(s) has a plan for me, so I have a destiny. If something happens, then some people would like to say, that “it is a part of Great God’s Plan”. If living all my life on exactly south pole was a God’s(s’s) solid plan, then why was my DNA prepared to live in hot areas?
Logical answer is unavailable here. The only answer is – there’s no plan. It is “Free For All” party. Do what you want and see, what will happen. That is how it looks like to me.

.. And I don’t mind to take my chances. ;-)

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