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Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are causing serious hormonal disorders. Hormonal disorders causing numbness, depression, high stresses, digestion and metabolism problems, which results to desire of some more alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
It’s an awful never ending golden circle of profit for Billion Dollar Corporations. (BDC)
They strike kids on all levels with – depressive songs, films, unhealthy fat foods, alcohol and drug propaganda. All this, to create a gold circle of profit.

Nudity causes endorphins to form in an abnormal volume. This helps so called conditioned reflexes to get stronger with what the human sees along with the nudity (usually, on tv\internet it’s nudity+alcohol, nudity+drugs). Seeing drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes along with the nudity results in a deep feel of happiness, bypassing the mind center of a critic, forming the strongest conditioned reflex, piercing into the human brain.


16 April 2012 10:29


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