My first personal album is called “Чорнобиль” (eng. Chornobyl). Constructed in 2001. This album is made with Dance eJay. Yes, I know it’s lame to use a baby software just like that, but as I was a kid, this software actually inspired me, and made me fall in-love with music composition. I loved constructing stuff, as a boy. I used to cut-off little plane wings from a hard paper, and glue them on top of small, cheap toy cars. From an actual constructor I used to make a runway and played a “very hard landing” game in “real life” conditions. I got the inspiration to build my own airport after playing, lol, Top Gun on my Dendy. Dendy is a Chinese Famicom fake – the one and only. There were no original Famicom gaming consoles in the late 90’s in CIS, only fakes. I loved that game. I still do. Landind that bastard of a plane was always such a challenge. So, love to challenges made me love the Top Gun NES game, which then, in its turn, inspired me to build an airport from a constructor, which made me then like constructing things. After few years, when I tried the eJay software, I found a non-linear resemblance with the constructor I had a lot of fun using, as I tried to create an airport, after I played Top Gun, after I got a Dendy. Consequently, I started “constructing” music more and more. I started realizing that I need to have a nickname like every cool composer does, so I called myself “KoHcTpyKtoP” (reads as “constructor”). Seemed cool to me. This is how one can become a music composer after trying to land a plane in a video game from the late 80’s.
That is how I became a composer, but not only. I have also become an aviation enthusiast. I study aerodynamics and aircraft ergonomics as a hobby. From time-to-time, I love to get that old, dusty Dendy out of the basement, and play some Top Gun.

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