people are like sky

people are like sky –
sometimes they shine
sometimes they cry

people are like sky
(except that sky always alive).

people are just like skies –
sometimes they grey
sometimes they blue

people are like skies –
you’ll never see
the hidden truth.

humanity is just like sky –
so cold, but can’t be blamed,
because you’ll never know
what is behind
that dark and cold curtain.

humanity is just like skies –
cloudy at days
and nude at nights.

humanity is just like sky
(except that sky will never die).

humanity is never changing
its stars shine always brightly
so many different faces,
but always the same light.

bypassed many ages
and now returned to the start.

by flipping their pages
i’ve made myself their little part.

people are like sky
and their matter always dark,
but look at skies –
you’ll see the stars
at deep dark nights,
you’ll see the sparks of light
in any dark

and when you make
your first contact
and when you looking at the skies,
always remember one great fact –
they’re not just skies.
they filled with stars,
they filled with lights.