a soundtrack composer

04 – NO HOME


Entering train
at eleven pm
grey rainy day
lost me
yet her I am.

is passing me by
day turns into years
years full of lie.

Empty old train
and its noisy wheels
will share the pain
of our broken dreams.

It will take me
to the place
where I don’t belong
trembling shadow
and night lights
will follow me home.

The noise
from the train
becomes slower and lower
as it runs away
metal snake into a cover.

Night is cold
wind is kicking
empty buildings
on my streets
people are leaving.

Shattered dirty windows
looking into my eyes
screeching doors
are begging me
to go inside.

I am passing them by
as they yell into my back
abandoned clothes
wave to me
on a rack
barely together
slowly falling apart
victims of this weather
with a rotten heart
barely hanging
after years of raining
in unnatural poses
they are sitting and waiting.

I’ve always been afraid
to tell the truth
to the people around me

I’ve always been so ashamed
to lie my way
out of this misery

I’ve always been so far away
from the life
full of lovely days

I’ve always been so lonely
in the world
full of everybody.


10 July 2020 17:46


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