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Soul is a prostitute. Here for you only for some time, and then leaves you to face emptiness. Cannot make yours. Never belongs to anyone, but always with someone. Soul doesn’t have a long memory or a character. It’s faceless, and emotionless. It saw a lot, but it doesn’t mind to go back down into the dirty places for some more. It’s just how it is wired. Starting another day, every day, not knowing if today it will be humiliated or praised. Not knowing if tomorrow it will lose a client, or find a better one. Soul is a bitch, constantly slapped around by one of the two abusive overpowered, arrogant pimps. It never cares which pimp to work for, it doesn’t know the other way of living. There’s just something that attracts a soul to this lifestyle. It’s a life of adventure, an adventure that always ends in the same way.

Soul is a whore.


06 June 2015 23:04


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